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Monday, August 29, 2011

Even Trees are Heroes

When I was a toddler my parents sat me down next to them on a deck bench in the backyard of our house.  I was barely able to sit up on my own.

Moments later, they looked down… and I was gone.

I had flipped over the back of the bench and off the deck…

And into a small tree in a large planter below…

Apparently I was just squirming about and giggling.  In fact, the Japanese Maple caught me perfectly; I was lying face up in the middle of its branches.  The tree had prevented me from hitting my head and receiving serious injury… or even death from a freak-accident.

Years later my parents brought the tree to our new house.

But soon after the move the tree appeared to be dead. 

My parents made the decision to throw it away.  But I intervened, pointing out a single small green leaf hidden from view.  They kept the tree, replanting it from the planter and into the ground.

And it flourished.

Years later the Japanese Maple is now taller than our house, extending its branches over one end of our backyard and watching over our home.

The tree and I are intertwined, our lives interlinked. 

It saved my life. 

I saved its.

I guess that’s Karma.